If you're like most business owners, you probably pay an insurance company to cover the risks of your business. You may not even know there is another option. Captive Insurance is a simple concept but many business owners don't even know it exists.

Captive Insurance for the Middle Market Business

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There are good business reasons to establish a Captive Insurance Company (CIC). One of the business advantages of establishing a CIC is gaining greater control over risk management.

We work with medium and large-sized businesses to assist them in managing risk to create a more holistic approach to protecting their businesses.....to read about services....

Independent professionals working to create the highest level of technical expertise and service to the mid market business community. Offices located in Boca Raton, Florida; Richmond, North Carolina; Simsbury, Connecticut; Syosset, New York and New York City.

Independent Captive Associates has over 25 years of experience working with accounting firms and other professionals to assist their clients in managing risk. We have experience in the formation of over 400 captives representing over 25 industries. Our focus has been to utilize the best of the best in the fields of law, accounting, captive management, investment expertise, property and casualty insurance and audit service. By creating independent standards, we ensure no link in the chain is weak. Each professional maintains a “five star” superior service. The collective management constantly oversees excellence and superior execution.

A business owner can implement Advanced Risk Management (ARM) utilizing a Captive Insurance Company (CIC) as the chassis to formally insure against "rainy days."  ARM is comprehensive approach to prepare for all possible "rainy days" a business could face.