disciplined way of retaining and financing risk, it can be a means to better growth and accessing corporate capital as well as implementing broader corporate strategies.

Captive Insurance has become an increasingly important tool used by companies to manage their business risk and promote strategic initiatives. Captives are essentailly a form of self-insurance, with all the advantages of true insurance. These advantages incude: the opportunity to earn an underwriting profit, improve risk management and loss control, coverage for unusual or hard to place risks, direct access to reinsurance and potential tax savings.

A captive insurance company allows successful businesses to reserve for these risks and if properly structured and underwritten. Premiums paid by your business to your captive insurance company, may be tax deductible
as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your introduction and implementation of my Captive Insurance Company.  The Captive has proven to be an efficient tool to create wealth while at the same time performing as a substantial tax savings vehicle.  The staff at Independent Captive has been especially instrumental in guiding me through the creation/start up process.  I can confidently say that this captive formation has been helpful in many ways including controlling our insurance costs, succession and estate planning as well as tax management.
Attorney / New York City

"I started working with Independent Captive Associates in November of 2011. The ICA Team of professional advisors were quite instrumental in making sure every piece to this process was done in a proficient and expedient manner. They guided me through every step of the process by weekly / monthly meetings to make sure I understood the project and felt comfortable. They have worked in the utmost degree of integrity and responsibility. I was regularly educated by ICA and their ongoing services helped me to utilize my Captive Insurance Company efficiently."
medical Doctor / ENT Practice Owner

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe and his team of professional associates six years ago where I was introduced to the concept of a Captive Insurance Company for our organization. Joe has kept me informed and educated throughout the evolution of Captives and has worked with us every step of the way to insure our comfort level. I can confidently say that our Captive has been beneficial in many ways and look forward to working with Joe and the staff at Independent  Captive Associates for many years to come.
Licensed Home Care Agency ...Operator/Owner

The success of any business depends upon the effective and efficient use of capital. While a Captive Insurance Company is commonly viewed as a